1825 17 July Colony of Van Diemen’s Land established by royal proclamation, governed by an Executive Council of 5 to 7 Members (appointed).
1829 30 January Executive Council increased to 14 Members (8 Crown nominees; 6 popular nominees).
1845 31 October Resignation of ‘Patriotic Six’ over proposed tax increases. They would be reinstated 18 months later.
1851 21 October ‘Blended’ Council consists of 8 ‘official’ Members and 17 elected Members.
Cessation of transportation.
28 September Select committee established to prepare a new constitution recommends a bicameral Parliament.
1855 24 October Responsible government proclaimed by royal assent.
1856 1 January Name changed from Van Diemen’s Land to Tasmania.
2 December First meeting of new Parliament – LC (15 Members) in new chambers and HA (30 Members) in the Long Room.
1866 24 November Sir Richard Dry becomes first Tasmanian-born Premier.
1870   LC increased to 16 Members; HA to 32.
1874   Publication of Marcus Clarke’s For the Term of His Natural Life.
1876   Death of Truganini.
1885   LC increased to 18 Members; HA to 36.
1891 March/April First National Australasian Convention prepares original plans for Federation.
1893   HA increased to 37 Members.
1898 27 July LC increased to 19 Members; HA to 38. Tasmania supports referendum for Federation.
1900   LC reduced to 18 Members; HA to 35.
14 September Male Suffrage House for Assembly passes Tasmanian Parliament
1901 1 January Commonwealth of Australia comes into being
28 January Male Suffrage for House of Assembly becomes law.
1904 30 July Women permitted to vote in HA elections.
1906 29 March HA reduced to 30 Members.Women permitted to vote in LC elections.
1909 30 April First statewide election using the new Hare-Clark voting system for HA.
1914-18   World War One.
1917   Introduction of recounts to fill vacancies in HA.
1922 10 June Women become eligible to stand for HA seats.
1928 30 May Introduction of compulsory voting.
1932 6 January Only Tasmanian Prime Minister (Joseph Lyons, UAP, Wilmot) takes office.
1934 Proclaimed 14 Jan 1935 Tasmanian Constitution Act passed to define powers of each House.
1936 7 September The last thylacine – Tasmanian tiger – dies in Hobart zoo.
1939-45   World War Two.
1940 15 May New House of Assembly Chamber opened.
1941   Age limit for voting at LC elections reduced from 30 to 21.
1943 21 August Dame Enid Lyons becomes first woman elected to House of Representatives (Liberal, Braddon).
1945 26 December First Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race.
1946 7 May LC increased to 19 Members. Age of eligibility for LC candidates reduced from 30 to 25.
1948 8 May First woman (Margaret McIntyre) elected to LC.
1955 19 February First women (Amelia Best & Mabel Miller) elected to HA.
1959 2 May HA increased to 35 Members.
1967 7 February Black Tuesday bushfires kill 62 people in Hobart area.
1969 1 July Introduction of full adult franchise for LC elections.
1973 10 February Voting age reduced from 21 to 18. Australia’s first legal casino opens at Wrest Point.
1975 5 January Tasman Bridge collapses after being hit by cargo ship, the Lake Illawarra.
1976 11 December Introduction of four-year terms for HA.
1979 June Hansard begins operation in Tasmanian Parliament
  28 July .Introduction of ‘Robson rotation’ system for HA elections.
1980 29 August First woman Cabinet minister (Gill James) appointed.
1981 12 December Franklin Dam referendum.
1989 13 May Election of ALP minority government causes unsuccessful attempt by northern businessman Edmund Rouse to bribe new ALP member Jim Cox to cross the Floor & vote against the Labor Party.
1995 2 October First Tasmanian-born Governor (Sir Guy Green) appointed.
1996 24 February Introduction of computerised ’Robson rotation’ system for HA elections.
28 April Shooting incident at Port Arthur in which 35 people die.
1998 29 August HA reduced to 25 Members; LC to 15.
2001 March/April First Ten days on the Island Festival
20 June Paul Harriss MLC becomes first Tasmanian MP to claim Aboriginal descent.
2002 20 July Kathryn Hay MHA becomes first woman of Aboriginal descent to be elected to Parliament.
2006 25 April – 9 May Beaconsfield goldmine disaster results in death of one miner and 14-day rescue operation to save two others.
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