Limited stock of the first day envelope and the ordinary envelope are available for purchase from Parliament House reception.

The ordinary envelope can also be purchased from Australia Post GPO.


Special Release By Australia Post To Celebrate Tasmanian Parliament’s 150th Anniversary

The Premier today received a framed commemorative envelope from Australia Post designed to celebrate the Tasmanian Parliament’s 150th anniversary this year.

In a ceremony at Parliament House, Mr Lennon said the special envelope was a fitting way of recognising the milestone, shared with New South Wales and Victoria.

“ Australia Post has successfully blended the history of our Parliament in a contemporary design,” Mr Lennon said.

“ This is appropriate because it’s the essence of what the sesquicentenary is all about – celebrating our past, making it relevant to our present and appreciating it in designing our future.”

The Tasmanian Parliament sat for the first time on December 2, 1856.

The name Van Diemen’s Land was substituted for Tasmania in the same year, with Tasmania’s constitution becoming the first to be approved by Westminster.

“ 1856 was a time for new confidence for the people of Tasmania. Not unlike today, people saw a bright future ahead,” Mr Lennon said.

The Premier said a range of events were planned to help celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Tasmanian Parliament, with particular emphasis on students.

“ Over the last 150 years, our parliamentary history has been filled with colourful characters and defining moments – from hung parliaments to, most recently, the return of land to Aboriginal Tasmanians,” he said.

“This year is a unique opportunity to remember these events, to learn about our Tasmanian history and to celebrate our system of government that values democracy, accountability and responsibility.”

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