Top : -

Looking down from the Ladies Gallery to the Table of the House and Chair of Committees Chair. Then right to the Clerk's desk, the Speakers Chair and Reserve on the dais. Above right is the Reporter's Gallery.



Second: -

Looking from the Speaker's Reserve towards the elevated Public Gallery situated at rear of the Chamber. On the left are the Opposition benches, in the middle ground are the Clerk's desk, Chair of Committees Chair, Table of the House, the cross benches, and the Bar of the House. Behind the Bar are the visiting MLCs benches. At far right are the Government benches.



Third: -

Looking from the Reporter's Gallery across the Chamber towards the elevated Ladies Gallery (left) and Public Gallery (right).



Bottom right : -

Looking across the Chamber from outside the Bar of the House. At right are the Opposition benches. The Government benches are located beneath Sir Richard Dry's portrait. At the rear are the Speaker's reserve and above the Reporter's Gallery. Note the lantern installed in 1859 to allow more natural light and for ventilation of gas lighting.


House of Assembly Chamber (1856 1940).
Computer Generation of Chamber layout recreated by Bold Impressions.

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