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The petitions process is governed by the House of Assembly Standing Orders. These Standing Orders enable the House of Assembly to accept electronic petitioning (“E-Petitions”).

By electing to join an E-Petition, you acknowledge that you meet the conditions detailed below.


(1) You meet the eligibility requirement specified for the E-Petition. This means that you fall into one of the three broad groups of petitioners:
(a) Tasmanian residents;
(b) Tasmanian citizens; or
(c)  Tasmanian electors in a nominated electorate.

The eligibility requirement for each E-Petition is identified on the web site.
(2) You have not already joined the E-Petition.
(3) The name, address and email address details provided are your true details.

Otherwise, you are entering the name, address and email address details of someone else because they are physically incapable of entering their details and:

  • have given you express permission to act on their behalf to record their details for the purposes of joining the E-Petition (provided that the authority to act on their behalf is not revoked at the time of joining the E-Petition); and
  • to the best of your knowledge the details that you enter are true and correct.
Information on the collection and storage of personal information is available in our Privacy Statement




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