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Subject:Wildlife Protection and Management
Eligibility:Residents of Tasmania
Sponsoring Member:Rosalie Woodruff
Principal Petitioner:Greg Irons
 595 Briggs Road
 Brighton Tas 7030
Num of Signatures:1191
Posting Date:19/09/2019
Closing Date:19/03/2020

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TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the House of Assembly
The petition of the undersigned residents of Tasmania draws to the attention of the House the hundreds of thousands of native animals that are being killed every year in this state legally authorised through Game Licences and the Crop Protection Permit scheme.

The native fauna of Tasmania is globally recognised as unique and remarkable. It is an essential responsibility of the state government to ensure the populations of these animals remain at healthy, sustainable levels.

Currently the government is issuing licences or permits to kill native species without having up-to-date data about population numbers.

Without complete and ongoing monitoring of all species’ populations it is impossible to know what impact Game Licences and Crop Protection Permits are having on the survival of our native animals and their welfare. This information should be the foundation for any decisions made about wildlife protection and management.

Your Petitioners therefore ask the House to establish a Parliamentary Inquiry into the protection and management of wildlife in Tasmania.

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