House of Assembly

Register of Members' Interests

49th Parliament: Members' Interests Statements

The Parliamentary (Disclosure of Interests) Act (No. 22 of 1996) prescribes that a ‘Register of Interests of Members of the House of Assembly’ is maintained.  The Register of Interests is comprised of the individual disclosures of pecuniary and other interests of each Member and their spouses and is made by way of the lodgement of an annual return.  The Act further requires the publication of the Register of Interests.

A person who becomes a Member, other than a re-elected Member, must lodge a primary return with the Clerk within 3 months after the day on which the Member takes the oath of allegiance as required under an Act to be taken in relation to the office of Member. Thereafter, each Member must lodge an annual return on or before 1 October in any year unless the primary return date for the Member is after 30 April of that year.
The returns most recently lodged by Members of the House of Assembly are published hereunder.

Last updated Member name Eelectorate
23 May 2018
Butler, Jenna (Jen) Lyons
21 August 2018 Dow, Anita Joy Braddon
21 August 2018 Haddad, Eloise Rafia (Ella) Denison
21 August 2018 Hickey, The Honourable Susanne Lynette (Sue) Denison
21 August 2018 Houston, Jennifer Louise Bass
21 August 2018 O' Byrne, David James Franklin
21 August 2018 Standen, Alison Franklin
3 July 2018
Petrusma, The Honourable Jacqueline Anne Franklin