The Parliament of Tasmania from 1856

Surname: GREGSON
Given Names: John Compton
Title and Honours: Mr
Qualifications: BA (London)
Date and Place of Birth: Uncertain. (Baptised 21 March 1821)
Date of Death: 16 December 1867 - Hobart, Tasmania

House of Assembly: 13 September 1856
Electorate: Norfolk Plains
Party: Independent
Positions Held: Attorneys-General, February 1857 to April 1857
Minister: Yes
Date of Departure: 11 May 1859
Reason for Departure: Resigned.

Legislative Council: 11 May 1859
Electorate: Cambridge
Party: Independent
Positions Held:
Minister: No
Date of Departure: 18 January 1864
Reason for Departure: Retired.


House of Assembly Long Room Picture: 16

House of Assembly Long Room Picture Number indicates each Member's position in the photographic record.
Source: Parliament of Tasmania Members Biographical Database, Tasmanian Parliamentary Library.
Additional Reference Material:

A Handbook of Australian Government and Politics, 1890-1964 [by] Colin A. Hughes and B. D. Graham. Canberra, ANU Press, 1968.
Biographical Register of the Tasmanian Parliament, 1851-1960 / Scott Bennett and Barbara Bennett. Canberra : ANU, 1980.
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