The Parliament of Tasmania from 1856

Ministers - House of Assembly - 2006 to 2014
BACON, Scott ALP Tourism 13-May-2011 CR 31-March-2014 CG
    Hospitality 13-May-2011 CR 31-March-2014 CG
    Veterans Affairs 13-May-2011 CR 31-March-2014 CG
    Veterans Affairs 23-July-2012 CR 31-March-2014 CG
BARTLETT, David John ALP Attorney-General 24-JAN-2011 CR 13-May-2011 RP
    Justice 24-JAN-2011 CR 13-May-2011 RP
    Premier 26-MAY-2008 CR 24-JAN-2011 RP
    Innovation, Science and Technology 21-APR-2010 NG 24-JAN-2011 CR
    Deputy Premier 14-APR-2008 CR 26-MAY-2008 CR
    Planning and Workplace Relations APR-2008 CR 17-SEP-2008 CR
    Planning and Workplace Relations 24 NOV-2008 CR 27-NOV-2008 CR
    Education and Skills FEB-2008 CR 13-APR-2010 NG
    Education 05-APR-2006 NG 12-FEB-2008 CR
    Economic Development and Tourism 12 SEP-2008 CR 17-SEP-2008 CR
COX, James Glennister ALP Police and Emergency Management 12-FEB-2008 CR 13-APR-2010 RE
    Local Government 12-FEB-2008 CR 13-APR-2010 RE
    Infrastructure 05-APR-2006 NG 12-FEB-2008 CR
    Sport and Recreation 22-MAR-2004 NG 05-APR-2006 NG
Employment 02-FEB-2004 NG 11-APR-2005 NG
Finance 02-FEB-2004 CR 11-APR-2006 NG
Racing 21-MAR-2006 NG 05-APR-2006 NG
GIDDINGS, Larissa Tahireh ALP Premier 24-JAN-2011 CR 31-March-2014 CG 
    Treasurer 6-DEC-2010 CR 31-March-2014 CG 
    Arts 6-DEC-2010 CR 31-March-2014 CG 
    Community Development 17-JAN-2014 CR 31-March-2014 CG
    Climate Change 17-JAN-2014 CR 31-March-2014 CG
    Aboriginal Affairs 17-JAN-2014 CR 31-March-2014 CG
    Infrastructure 21-APR-2010 NG 06-DEC-2010 CR
    Deputy Premier 26-MAY-2008 CR 24-JAN-2011 CR
    Attorney-General 17-SEP-2008 CR 24-JAN-2011 CR
    Justice 17-SEP-2008 CR 24-JAN-2011 CR
    Economic Development 21-APR-2010 NG 06-DEC-2010 CR
    Health 17-SEP-2008 CR 13-APR-2010 NG
    Health and Human Services 05-APR-2006 NG 17-SEP-2008 CR
    Economic Development 22-MAR-2004 NG 05-APR-2006 NG
  The Arts 22-MAR-2004 NG 05-APR-2006 NG
GREEN, Bryan Alexander ALP Deputy Premier 24-JAN-2011 CR 31-March-2014 CG 
    Primary Industries and Water 21-APR-2010 NG 31-March-2014 CG 
    Energy and Resources 21-APR-2010 NG 31-March-2014 CG 
    Local Governemnt 21-APR-2010 NG 31-March-2014 CG 
    Planning 21-APR-2010 NG 31-March-2014 CG 
    Racing 21-APR-2010 NG 31-March-2014 CG 
    Veterans' Affairs 21-APR-2010 NG 13-May-2011 CR
    Deputy Premier 05-APR-2006 NG 15-JUL-2006 RP
    Economic Development and Resources 05-APR-2006 NG 15-JUL-2006 RP
    Sport and Recreation 05-APR-2006 NG 15-JUL-2006 RP
    Infrastructure, Energy and Resources 02-FEB-2004 NG 05-APR-2006 NG
KONS, Steven ALP Deputy Premier 27-OCT-2006 CR 09-MAR-2008 RP

    Infrastructure, Resources, Planning and Workplace Relations 12-FEB-2008 CR 09-APR-2008 RP
    Attorney-General 05-APR-2006 NG 12-FEB-2008 CR
    Planning 05-APR-2006 NG 12-FEB-2008 CR
    Attorney-General 05-APR-2006 NG 12-FEB-2008 CR
    Justice and Workplace Relations 05-APR-2006 NG 12-FEB-2008 CR
    Primary Industries and Water 02-FEB-2004 NG 05-APR-2006 NG
LENNON, Paul Anthony ALP Premier 05-APR-2006 NG 26-May-2008 RH
    Infrastructure 09-Mar-2008 CR 26-May-2008 RH
    Infrastructure, Resources, Planning and Workplace Relations 09 APR-2008 CR 14-APR-2008 CR
    Local Government and Community Development 05-APR-2006 NG 29-OCT-2006 CR
    Economic Development and Resources 15-July-2006 AM 12-FEB-2008 CR
    Sport and Recreation 15-July-2006 AM 29-OCT-2006 CR
    Premier 21-MAR-2004 NG 05-APR-2006 NG
Treasurer 02-FEB-2004 NG 05-APR-2006 NG
Employment 02-FEB-2004 NG 05-APR-2006 NG
Racing, Sport and Recreation 09-AUG-2002 NG 05-APR-2006 NG
LLEWELLYN, David Edward ALP Planning 27-NOV-2008 CR 13-APR-2010 DE
    Primary Industries and Water 17-SEP-2008 CR 13-APR-2010 DE
    Energy and Resources 14-APR-2008 CR 13-APR-2010 DE
    Corrections and Consumer Protection 17-SEP-2008 CR 27-NOV-2008 CR
    Attorney-General 12-FEB-2008 CR 17-SEP-2008 CR
    Justice 12-FEB-2008 CR 17-SEP-2008 CR
    Primary Industries, Water and Energy 12-FEB-2008 CR 17-SEP-2008 CR
    Primary Industries and Water 05-APR-2006 NG 12-FEB-2008 CR
    Police and Emergency Management 05-APR-2006 NG 12-FEB-2008 CR
    Energy 05-APR-2006 NG 14-APR-2008 CR
    Deputy Premier 22-MAR-2004 NG 05-APR-2006 NG
Health and Human Services 09-AUG-2002 NG 05-APR-2006 NG
Police and Public Safety 15-FEB-1999 NG 05-APR-2006 NG
McKIM, Nick Greens Education and Skills 13-May-2011 CR 17-JAN-2014 CR
    Sustainable Transport 13-May-2011 CR 17-JAN-2014 CR
    Corrections and Consumer Protection 21-APR-2010 NG 17-JAN-2014 CR
    Sustainable Transport and Alternative Energy. 21-APR-2010 NG 13-MAY-2011 CR
    Aboriginal Affairs 06-DEC-2010 CR 13-May-2011 CR
    Human Services 21-APR-2010 NG 06-DEC-2010 CR
    Community Development 21-APR-2010 NG 06-DEC-2010 CR
    Climate Change 21-APR-2010 NG 13-MAY-2011 CR
O'BYRNE David ALP Science, Innovation and Technology 24-JAN-2011 CR 31-March-2014 CG
    Infrastructure 6-DEC-2010 CR 31-March-2014 CG
    Economic Development. 6-DEC-2010 CR 31-March-2014 CG
    Workplace Relations 21-APR-2010 NG 31-March-2014 CG 
    Police and Emergency Management 13-May-2011 NG 31-March-2014 CG
    Environment, Parks and Heritage 21-APR-2010 NG 6-DEC-2010 CR
    Arts 21-APR-2010 NG 6-DEC-2010 CR
    Sport and Recreation 21-APR-2010 NG 6-DEC-2010 CR
    Hospitality 21-APR-2010 NG 6-DEC-2010 CR
O'BYRNE, Michelle ALP Health 21-APR-2010 NG 31-March-2014 CG 
    Children 13-May-2011 CR 31-March-2014 CG 
    Sport and Recreation 13-May-2011 CR 31-March-2014 CG 
  Hospitality FEB-2008 CR 13-APR-2010 NG
  Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts Nov-2009 CR 13-APR-2010 NG
    Tourism 21-APR-2010 CR 13-MAY-2011 NG
    Tourism and the Arts 01-JUL-2009 CR 13-APR-2008 CR
    Tourism 17-SEP-2008 CR 13-APR-2009 NG
    Sport and Recreation FEB-2008 CR 13-APR-2010 NG
    Assisting rhe Premier on Social Inclusion FEB-2008 CR 17-SEP-2008 CR
    Environment Parks and Heritage 01-JUL-2009 CR 13-APRl-2010 NG
    Community Development 30-OCT-2006 CR FEB-2008 CR
    Assisting the Premier on Local Government 30-OCT-2006 CR FEB-2008 CR
O'CONNOR, Cassy Greens Human Services 6-DEC-2010 CR 17-JAN-2014 CR
    Community Development 6-DEC-2010 CR 17-JAN-2014 CR
    Climate Change 13-May-2011 CR 17-JAN-2014 CR
    Aboriginal Affairs 13-May-2011 CR 17-JAN-2014 CR
    Secretary to Cabinet 21-APR-2010 CR 06-DEC-2010 CR
SINGH, Lisa   Correctional and Comsumer Protection 27-NOV-2008 CR 13-April-2010 DE
    Workplace Relations 27-NOV-2008 CR 13-April-2010 DE
    Assisting the Premier on Climate Change 23-APR-2009 CR 13-April-2010 DE
STURGES, Graeme Lindsay ALP Infrastructure 26-May-2008 CR 13-April-2010 DE
    Vetran Affairs 22-APR-2008 CR 13-April-2010 DE
    Secretary to Cabinet 14-APR-2008 CR 26-MAY-2008 CR
WIGHTMAN, Brian Neal ALP Attorney-General 13-May-2011 CR 31-March-2014 CG
    Justice 13-May-2011 CR 31-March-2014 CG
    Environment, Parks and Heritage 06-DEC-2010 CR 31-March-2014 CG
    Education and Skills 17-JAN-2014 CR 31-March-2014 CG
    Sport and Recreation 06-DEC-2010 CR 13-MAY-2011 CG
    Hospitality 06-DEC-2010 CR 13-MAY-2011 CG
WHITE, Rebecca ALP Human Services 17-JAN-2014 CR 31-March-2014 CG
WRIEDT, Paula Catherine ALP Economic Development and Tourism 12-FEB-2008 CR 12-SEP-2008 GWC
    Tourism and the Environment 05-APR-2006 NG 12-FEB-2008 CR
    Tourism 11-APR-2005 NG 05-APR-2006 CR
    Women Tasmania 9-AUG-2002 NG 05-APR-2006 NG
    Education 29-JAN-2002 NG 05-APR-2006 NG

NG New government following an election.
CG Change of government following an election.
RE Retired at election.
DE Defeated at election.
RH Retired due to ill health.
CR Cabinet reshuffle.
RH Resigned from the House of Assembly
RP Resigned position.
ML Maternity leave.
RD Resume Duties after an absence.
SM Special minister.
AM Acting minister.
GWC Governor withdrew Commission

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