The Parliament of Tasmania from 1856


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LACEY, Robert Herbert
LAKIN, Mervyn George
LAMB, Henry
LANE, Henry Thomas
LANGDON, William
LAWSON, Andrew
LE FEVRE, Vernon Mackenzie
LEAKE, Charles Henry
LEE, Walter Henry
LENNON, Paul Anthony
LETTE, Henry Elms
LEWIS, Arndell Neil
LEWIS, David
LEWIS, Neil Elliot
LILLICO, Alexander Elliot Davidson
LILLICO, Alexander
LIPSCOMBE, Frederick

LLEWELLYN, David Edward
LOHREY, Andrew Barnard Keith
LONERGAN, Dennis Gannon
LONG, James Joseph
LOONE, Arthur William
LOONE, John Arthur
LORD, Alfred Edwin
LORD, James
LORD, John
LOWE , Douglas Ackley
LOWES, Thomas Yardley
LOWRIE, Kenneth Francis
LUCAS, Richard James
LYNE, Carmichael
LYNE, John
LYONS, Brendan Aloysius
LYONS, Joseph Aloysius
LYONS, Kevin Orchard
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