Key to chamber seating arrangements:

Put mouse pointer over seat to see a picture of the member.
Leave the mouse pointer over the seat for a few seconds to see the name and electorate of the member.

Hon. Kerry Finch MLC, Rosevears Hon. Tania Rattray MLC, McIntyre Hon. Craig Farrell MLC, Derwent Hon. Michael Gaffney MLC, Mersey Hon. Rob Valentine MLC, Hobart Hon. Jane Howlett MLC, Prosser Leader of Government Business, Hon. Leonie Hiscutt MLC. Montgomery Parliamentary Advisor to the Leader of the Government Government Advisors Hansard Monitors President of Legislative Council, Hon. Jim Wilkinson MLC, Nelson Clerk of Legislative Council, David T. Pearce Chairman of Committees, Hon. Ruth Forrest MLC, Murchison Deputy Clerk of Legislative Council, Catherine Vickers Clerk-Assistant and Usher of the Black Rod, Stuart Wright Clerk-Assistant Press Gallery Hon. Ruth Forrest MLC, Murchison Jo Siejka MLC Pembroke Hon. Ivan Dean MLC, Windermere Hon. Josh Willie MLC, Elwick Hon. Sarah Lovell MLC, Rumney Principal Parliamentary Attendant and Clerk of Papers Attendants President's Gallery Press Gallery Hon. Rosemary Armitage MLC, Launceston Hon. Robert Armstrong MLC, Huon