Legislative Council

Register of Members' Interests

49th Parliament: Members' Interests Statements

A person who becomes a Member, other than a re-elected Member, must lodge a primary return with the Clerk within 3 months after the day on which the Member takes the oath of allegiance as required under an Act to be taken in relation to the office of Member.

A Member must lodge an annual return on or before 1 October in any year unless the primary return date for the Member is after 30 April in that year.

About the Register of Members' Interests
Parliamentary (Disclosure of Interests) Act is to establish a publicly accessible register which discloses the interests of parliamentarians and in turn, improves their accountability to the electorate.
Last updated Member name Eelectorate
  Armitage, The Honourable Rosemary Lois Launceston
  Armstrong, The Honourable Robert Henry Huon
  Dean, The Honourable Ivan Noel Windermere
  Farrell, The Honourable Craig Maxwell Derwent
  Finch, The Honourable Kerry Rosevears
  Forrest, The Honourable Ruth Jane Murchison
  Gaffney, The Honourable Michael Victor Mersey
  Hall, The Honourable Gregory Raymond McIntyre
  Hiscutt, The Honourable Leonie Anne Montgomery
  Lovell, The Honourable Sarah Elizabeth Rumney
  Rattray, The Honourable Tania Verene McIntyre
1 May 2018 Siejka, The Honourable Joanna Clare Pembroke
  Valentine, The Honourable Robert Henry Hobart
  Wilkinson, The Honourable James Scott Nelson
  Willie, The Honourable Joshua Barton Elwick