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Membership of the Tasmanian Chapter of the ASPG entitles you to:

Membership of the Tasmanian Chapter includes membership of the parent body.

Current membership of the ASPG includes a range of people, including members of Parliament, parliamentary staff, academics, students of political science, law and public policy, and research and policy officers.

The cost of Membership is $45 (in GST) per annum.

To become a member complete the membership form below and forward it together with a cheque, money order or EFT for $45. Cheque or money order made payable to ASPG to:

Stephanie Hesford,
Clerk-Assistant of the House of Assembly,
Parliament House, Hobart, 7000.
Phone: (03) 6212 2220
Fax: (03) 6212 2211
E-Mail: stephanie.hesford@parliament.tas.gov.au

Membership form.

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