Last updated: 28 August 2014

Bills Currently before Parliament

  Bill last updated
Acts Enumeration Amendment Bill (pro forma) 2 of 2014View bill progress8/05/2014
Climate Change (State Action) Amendment Bill 2014 13 of 2014View bill progress21/08/2014
Consolidated Fund Appropriation (Supplementary Appropriation for 2013-14) Bill 2014 7 of 2014View bill progress24/06/2014
Consolidated Fund Appropriation Bill (No. 1) 2014 20 of 2014View bill progress28/08/2014
Consolidated Fund Appropriation Bill (No. 2) 2014 21 of 2014View bill progress28/08/2014
Consolidated Fund Supply Bill (No. 1) 2014 8 of 2014View bill progress24/06/2014
Criminal Code Amendment (Interference with War Memorials) Bill 10 of 2014View bill progress26/08/2014
Forestry (Rebuilding the Forest Industry) Bill 2014 6 of 2014View bill progress28/08/2014
Genetically Modified Organisms Control Amendment Bill 2014 18 of 2014View bill progress28/08/2014
Launceston Flood Risk Management Bill 2014 12 of 2014View bill progress5/06/2014
Local Government Amendment (Mayoral Candidate Eligibility) Bill 2014 19 of 2014View bill progress28/08/2014
Partition Bill Pro Forma 3 of 2014View bill progress8/05/2014
Police Offences Amendment Bill 2014 16 of 2014View bill progress27/08/2014
Sentencing Amendment (Assaults on Police Officers) Bill 17 of 2014View bill progress27/08/2014
State Service Amendment (Redeployment) Bill 14 of 2014View bill progress25/06/2014
Vehicle and Traffic Amendment (Power-Assisted Pedal Cycles) Bill 11 of 2014View bill progress26/08/2014
Workplaces (Protection From Protesters) Bill 2014 15 of 2014View bill progress19/08/2014

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