House of Assembly

Standing Committee on Community Development


Mr Guy. Barnett, MP- (Chair)
Ms Sarah. Courtney, MP
Mr Roger Jaensch, MP
Ms Rebecca White, MP
Ms Cassy O'Connor, MP

Mr Mark. Shelton, MP - (Deputy Chair)- proxy for Ms Courtney on Triabunna Woodchip Mill and Development Opportunities Inquiry.



Mr Charles Casimaty

Phone (03) 6212 2339
Fax (03) 6223 3803

Current References:

Triabunna Wood Chip Mill and Future Development
Opportunities for the Triabunna Region



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Resolution of the House

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Committee Hearings – Information for Witnesses




12 August 2014 Hobart

13 August 2014 Hobart



Bennett, Tony - Managing Director, Bennetts Logging
Cornelius, Mark
Edwards, Terry - CEO, Forrest Industries Association of Tasmania
   Attachments to FIAT Subbmision Part 1
   Attachments to FIAT Subbmission Part 2
Elphinstone, Graeme
Harris, George
Hawker, Leon - CEO, Australian Bauxite Limited
Howlett, Colin
Iles, Dennis
McShane, Don
L'Estrange, Greg
Lawrence, John
Marr, Alec
   Attachment 1 - Triabunna Standard
   Attachment 2 - EPA Ltr and Guidelines
   Attachment 3 - Triabunna Decommissioning plan jan 2014
   Attachment 4 - Triabunna DRP approval Letter
Metcalf, David - General Manager, Glamorgan Spring Bay Council
Morgan, Andrew - Managing Director, SFM forest products
Expression of Interest to operate the Triabunna Woodchip Mill
Norton - Dr Dan - Tasports
   Attachments 1 - 7
   Attachments 8 - 16
   Attachments 17 - 28
   Attachments 29 - 35
Roberts, Chris
Schaap, Alex - Director, Environment Protection Authority
Wilton, Kelly
Wisby, Debbie
Wood, Graeme
Zani, David


Documents Received:

Gunns Documents 1 - 12
Gunns Documents 13 - 15


Camron, Jan