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Mr Guy. Barnett, MP- (Chair)
Ms Sarah. Courtney, MP
Mr Roger Jaensch, MP
Ms Rebecca White, MP
Ms Cassy O'Connor, MP

Ms Madeline Ogilvie MP – proxy for Ms White on the Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal people as Tasmanian’s First People Inquiry



Mr Todd Buttsworth

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Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal people
as Tasmania’s First People

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7 August 2015
Second Call for Submissions
Call for Submissions


Submission 1 - Neville Clark
Submission 2 - George Williams
Submission 3 - Ms Emma Lee
Submission 3 - Ms Emma Lee Appendix A
Submission 4 - Linda Luther
Submission 5 - David Houghton
Submission 6 - Maggie Walter
Submission 7 - Michael Mansell, Aboriginal Provisional Government
Submission 8 - Australian Christian Lobby
Submission 9 - Peter Rowe
Submission 10 - Lindsay Dawe
Submission 11 - Anonymous
Submission 12 - Greg Lehman




Public Hearings:

14 August 2015
Public Hearings






Past Inquiries:

Triabunna Wood Chip Mill and Future Development Opportunities for the Triabunna Region