House of Assembly

Select Committee on the Costs of Living


Matthew Groom MP
Tim Morris MP
Jacquie Petrusma MP
Graeme Sturges MP
Rebecca White MP (Chairperson)



Mr Shane Donnelly

Phone (03) 6212 2220
Fax (03) 6223 3803

The House of Assembly has appointed a Select Committee on the Cost of Living with the following Terms of Reference:-

“To inquire into and report upon:-
(a)         the effectiveness of the current concessions system and related services, including social tariffs;
(b)         alternative models of planning and service delivery of concessions including the option of ‘bundling concessions’ through a ‘smart card system’;
(c)          the impact of legislation such as the Monetary Penalties Enforcement Act 2005;
(d)         the impact of taxation policies on costs of living; and
(e)         the likely impacts in increased contestability policies on reducing cost of living pressures.”

The Committee invites interested persons or organisations to make written submissions to the Committee, the closing date for which is Friday, 16 March 2012

Submissions become Committee documents.  Persons making submissions must not release them without the approval of the Committee.  Submissions are protected by parliamentary privilege but the unauthorised release of them is not.  The Committee encourages the lodgement of submissions in electronic form, however, such submissions must include the full name; daytime contact phone number; and postal address of the person/organisation making the submission. 

Enquiries and submissions should be directed to the Secretary.

Current Reporting Date is Thursday, 21 November 2013

Submission Guide



Aurora Energy
Graham Submission
Good Beginnings Australia
MS Society
Salvation Army
SecondBite Tasmania
Tas Water & Sewerage Corporations
Tenants Union of Tasmania
Waratah Wynyard Council



Final Report


16 August 12 - Reynolds, Hasselgrove, James, Byfield
17 July 2012 - Hobart - Adams, Tipping

24 May 2012 - Hobart

26 April 2012 - Hobart - Morning Session

26 April 2012 - Hobart - Afternoon Session