Construction of the Tasman Bridge commenced in April, 1960.
By May, 1961 considerable progress had been made on the eastern approach.

The erection of the main viaduct showing the use of two stagings.

Bridging the main navigation span. The access walkway between
the east and west navigation span beams is shown.

February 1964 only a small gap had to be finished.
Until the new bridge was ready for traffic, the old floating bridge
could not be removed.

The cargo ship "Sibigo" negotiates the gap in the Tasman Bridge,
and steams towards the lift span of the Hobart Bridge.

We wish to acknowledge the late Mr Rod McGee ESM. Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources for providing the information contained within the Hobart and Tasman Bridge web pages. Photos also published in the souvenir publication, The story of Two Bridges 1965.
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