HOBART to TASMAN BRIDGE - (1938 to 2000)

 Hobart Bridge (1938 - 1964).

 Construction of the Hobart Bridge.

 Hobart Bridge in Operation.

 Construction of the Tasman Bridge.

 Tasman Bridge Opening.

 Tasman Bridge Disaster January 5th 1975.

 Tasman Bridge Disaster - Ferries Take Over.

 Tasman Bridge Disaster - Repair.

 Tasman Bridge Today Aerial Views.

 Tasman Bridge Today.

 Hobart Bridge Statistics.

 Tasman Bridge Statistics.

We wish to acknowledge the late Mr Rod McGee ESM. Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources for providing the information contained within the Hobart and Tasman Bridge web pages. Photos also published in the souvenir publication, The story of Two Bridges 1965.