The Parliament of Tasmania from 1856

Surname: DAVIES
Given Names: John George
Title and Honours: Sir (CMG 1901; KCMG 1909)
Date and Place of Birth: 17 February 1846 - Melbourne, Victoria
Date of Death: 12 November 1913 - Hobart, Tasmania

House of Assembly: (1) 27 August 1884 (2) 30 April 1909
Electorate: (1) Fingal (2) Denison
Party: Anti-Socialist (1902-12); Liberal (1912-14)
Positions Held: Chair Committees 1892-1903; Speaker 1903-12
Minister: No
Date of Departure: (1) 30 April 1909 (2) 12 November 1913
Reason for Departure: (1) Seat abolished. Stood for Denison. Successful. (2) Died in office.

Comments: Originally MHA (Fingal 1884 to 1909). One of the family of Davies Brothers of the Mercury Limited (including C.E. Davies, MLC).
Three times Lord Mayor of Hobart.

House of Assembly Long Room Picture: R

House of Assembly Long Room Picture Number indicates each Member's position in the photographic record.
Source: Parliament of Tasmania Members Biographical Database, Tasmanian Parliamentary Library.
Additional Reference Material:

A Handbook of Australian Government and Politics, 1890-1964 [by] Colin A. Hughes and B. D. Graham. Canberra, ANU Press, 1968.
Biographical Register of the Tasmanian Parliament, 1851-1960 / Scott Bennett and Barbara Bennett. Canberra : ANU, 1980.
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