The Parliament of Tasmania from 1856



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FAGAN, Roy Frederick
FALKINER, John William
FARQUHAR, Hedley David
FARRELL, Craig Maxwell
FENTON, Arthur Benjamin
FENTON, Charles Balfour Marcus
FENTON, Charles Benjamin Monds
FENTON, Michael
FERGUSON, Michael Darrel Joseph
FIDLER, John Roy
FIELD, Michael Walter
FIELD, Richard Charles
FIELD, Thomas William
FINCH, Kerry
FISHER, Arthur Reginald
FISHER, Thomas Moore
FISHER, William
FITZGERALD, George Parker

FLETCHER, Anthony William
FLOWERS, George Lenthorn

FOLEY, Michael Bernard
FOOT, Geoffrey James
FORREST, Ruth Jane
FOSTER, Allan John
FOSTER, Francis Henry
FOSTER, George Matthew
FOWLER, Alexander Richard
FRANKS, Richard
FRASER, Wallace Harcourt
FREELAND, Ernest William
FROST, Stewart Charles Hilton
FRY, David Mayburn
FRY, William Hector Maxwell
FULLERTON, William James
FYSH, Philip Oakley
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