The Parliament of Tasmania from 1856

Ministers - House of Assembly - 2014 to date
ARCHER, Elise Liberal Attorney-General 20-March-2018 CR date  
    Arts 2-October-2017 CR date  
    Corrections 2-October-2017 CR date  
    Environment 2-October-2017 CR date  
    Environment and Parks 2-October-2017 CR 20-March-2018 CR
    Justice 2-October-2017 CR date  
BROOKS, Adam Liberal Building and Construction 18-February-2016 CR 13-June-2016 RP
    Consumer Affairs and Red Tape Reduction 18-February-2016 CR 13-June-2016 RP
    Mining 18-February-2016 CR 13-June-2016 RP
    Racing 18-February-2016 CR 13-June-2016 RP
BARNETT, Guy Liberal Building and Construction 18-June-2016 CR date  
    Resources 18-June-2016 CR date  
    Energy 2-October-2017 CR date  
    Veterans' Affairs 2-October-2017 CR date  
COURTNEY, Sarah Liberal Primary Industries and Water 20-March-2018 CR date  
    Racing 20-March-2018 CR date  
FERGUSON, Michael Liberal Health 31-March-2014 CG date  
    Information Technology and Innovation 31-March-2014 CG 20-March-2018 CR
    Science and Technology 20-March-2018 CR date  
    Police, Fire and Emergency Management 20-March-2018 CR date  
GROOM, Matthew Liberal State Growth 31-March-2014 CG 2-October-2017 RP
    Energy 31-March-2014 CG 2-October-2017 RP
    Environment, Parks and Heritage 31-March-2014 CG 04-April-2017 CR
    Environment and Parks 04-April-2017 CR 2-October-2017 RP
GUTWEIN, Peter Liberal Treasurer 31-March-2014 CG date  
    Local Government 20-March-2018 CR date  
    Planning and Local Government 31-March-2014 CG 20-March-2018 CR
    Forestry 18-February-2016 CR 18-July-2016  
    State Growth 2-October-2017 CR date  
HARRISS, Paul Liberal Resources 31-March-2014 CG 18-February-2016 RH
HIDDING, Rene Liberal Police and Emergency Management 31-March-2014 CG 04-April-2016 CR
    Police, Fire and Emergency Management 04-April-2016 CR 20-March-2018 CR
    Infrastructure 31-March-2014 CG 20-March-2018 CR
HODGMAN, Will Liberal  Premier 31-March-2014 CG date  
    Tourism, Hospitality and Events 31-March-2014 CG date  
    Parks 20-March-2018 CR date  
    Trade 20-March-2018 CR date  
    Heritage 04-April-2017 CR date  
    Sport and Recreation 31-March-2014 CG 20-March-2018 CR
    Aboriginal Affairs 31-March-2014 CG 20-March-2018 CR
JAENSCH, Roger Liberal Human Services 20-March-2018 CR date  
    Housing 20-March-2018 CR date  
    Planning 20-March-2018 CR date  
PETRUSMA, Jacquie Liberal  Human Services 31-March-2014 CG 20-March-2018 CR
    Sport and Recreation 20-March-2018 CR date  
    Aboriginal Affairs 20-March-2018 CR date  
    Disability Services and Community Development 20-March-2018 CG date  
  Women 31-March-2014 CG date  
ROCKLIFF, Jeremy Liberal  Deputy Premier 31-March-2014 CG date  
    Education and Training 31-March-2014 CG date  
    Infrastructure 20-March-2018 CR date  
    Advanced Manufacturing and Defence Industries 20-March-2018 CR date  
    Primary Industries and Water 31-March-2014 CG 20-March-2018 CR
    Racing 31-March-2014 CG 18-February-2016 CR
    Racing 13-June-2016 CR 20-March-2018 CR

NG New government following an election.
CG Change of government following an election.
RE Retired at election.
DE Defeated at election.
RH Retired due to ill health.
CR Cabinet reshuffle.
RH Resigned from the House of Assembly
RP Resigned position.
ML Maternity leave.
RD Resume Duties after an absence.
SM Special minister.
AM Acting minister.
GWC Governor withdrew Commission

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Ministers - House of Assembly - 1950 to 1989
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