The Parliament of Tasmania from 1856

Officers of the House of Assembly

ALCOCK, Peter Reginald
BEST, Henry
BENNISON, Peter Michael
BLYTH, Thomas Bolivar
CALDER, James Erskine
CHEPMELL, Charles Haviland
CHURCH, Hubert Day
CLARK, Carrel Inglis
CLARKE, James Mallard
CLERK, Robert
DE GILLERN, Major William
DONNELLY, Shane Gerard
EVANS, John Llewellyn
GREEN, Frank Clifton
HENSLOWE, Francis Hartwell
HESFORD, Stephanie Kate

HULL, Hugh Munro
HULL, William Denison

HUXTABLE, Louis Ralston
McKAY, Paul Trevor
MANING, Henry Thomas
MILLER, Maxwell
MURPHY, Bruce Gregson
MURPHY, Charles Kingsley
NOWELL, Edwin Cradock
PACKER, Frederick Augustus
POWER, Robert
REID, John Kidston
ROSS, Laura Elizabeth
SHAW, Bernard
SMITH, George
THOMPSON, Leonard Albert
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