Ivan Dean MLC 

Legislative Council

Seat: Windermere
Party: Independent

Tuesday 10 March 2009



Mr DEAN asked a question of the Leader of Government Business in the Legislative Council -

(1) What process did the Education department follow to fill the position of principal of
Scottsdale High School?

(2) How many applicants were there for this position?

(3) (a) Were all applicants or a short list of applicants interviewed for the position; and
(b) if not, why not?

Mr PARKINSON replied -

(1) The position was advertised adhering to the current State Service requirements. The
position was advertised in the Government Gazette and on the government web site.

(2) There was one applicant for this position.

(3) (a) Interview was deemed not necessary by the selection panel, which included a
nominated member of the Scottsdale High School community.

(b) Based on the merit process, the panel was convinced by required pieces of evidence
of the successful candidate's suitability.

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