Becoming Tasmania
      by Terry Newman

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About Becoming Tasmania by Terry Newman

Book Outline

Terry tells how, when and why Abel Tasman named Van Diemen’s Land, with information on his personal and career information.

Social and political divisions on the island are outlined because they relate to the ‘hated stain’ of convictism, which attached to the original name.

The book mentions many early uses of the alternative name – who coined it and its evolving usage before it became legal.

Chapter Five outlines the island’s campaign to become ‘convict free’ because it cannot be separated from the island’s renaming, or from the equally related struggle for self-government.

The book describes the formal stages of the renaming and in particular William Sharland’s responsibility for achieving it as from 1 January 1856.


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Tasman's Ships
Extracts from book Two Landmark Meetings
Address to Queen Victoria (p.88) Convicts: Punishment & Transportation
Convict Data (p.118) Convicts: Working for Freedom
Godwin's Book (p.32) Convict Systems: Assignment, Probation & Exile
Order-in-Council (p.130) Hulks and Macquarie Harbour
W.S. Sharland (p.136) Convict resistance
Port Arthur
Point Puer: boy convicts
Convicts after 1853