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Three Seats Simultaneously

Scrolled Petition

Gregson and Governor’s Salary

Confronting the Strong

Teapot Tumult

Obscure Insult

Secession Suggested

Shortest Term MHA

Numberplate Change

Darkest Hour

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Premier Lewis Loses Seat

Number of Parliamentarians

By-Elections By Recount


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About History Briefs

These ten stories by Terry Newman are extracts from Sandstone and Statutes: History of the Tasmanian Parliament.
While this work is still in progress the appearance of these extracts is to provide a lighter side of the larger forthcoming political history.

Terry has previously published several books connected to the Tasmanian Parliament including Referenda in Tasmania [1984], Tasmanian Premiers [1988] and Hare-Clark in Tasmania [1992]. His latest book, Becoming Tasmania; renaming Van Diemen's Land, [2005] explores and explains Tasmania's name change and how this renaming was interwoven with making Tasmania 'convict free' and obtaining self-government.