Members of Parliament are increasingly expected to understand and comment upon complex issues. The Parliamentary Research Service (PRS) is available to all members of Parliament to help in their comprehension of these issues.

Many vested interests and lobby groups attempt to influence Parliamentarians. In addition there is a flood of unsolicited printed material designed to sway parliamentary decision-making. The PRS aims to supply an independent viewpoint to its clients.

Research services, or similar organisations, operate in the Federal and most State Parliaments. A similar style and range of services are offered by the Tasmanian Parliamentary Research Service.

Services available
The PRS supplies independent information and research to its client group via a number of products.

The major role, and product, of the PRS will be the confidential papers written, or oral briefings undertaken on an individual or group basis for clients.

In addition a series of general distribution Issue Briefs will be produced, as resources permit, giving background and options on issues important to the PRS's entire client group.

Access to the PRS
is available to:

  • All members of Parliament
  • Staff of members of Parliament
  • Parliamentary committees
  • Committee staff
  • Officers of the Parliament.

All clients of the PRS are treated equally, with all requests being undertaken in order of receipt. The only priorities that will be applied to requests will be based on urgency, staff availability, complexity, and the nature of the required response.


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