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Subject:Transfer of driver licence photos to National Driver Licence Facial Recognition Solution
Eligibility:Tasmanian Citizens
Sponsoring Member:Hon Meg Webb MLC
Principal Petitioner:Richard Griggs
 PO Box 181
 New Town
 Tasmania 7008
Num of Signatures:716
Posting Date:09/06/2020
Closing Date:03/12/2020

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TO: The Honourable the President and Members of the Legislative Council
Your Petitioners – Tasmanian citizens – are concerned that:

1. 430,113 Tasmanian drivers licence photos were transferred to the National Driver Licence Facial Recognition Solution (NDLFRS) in December 2018

2. The transfer of photos occurred in the absence of Commonwealth legislation to regulate the NDLFRS and provide privacy protections and oversight mechanisms

3. In the intervening one and a half years from December 2018 to May 2020, proposed legislation was tabled in Federal Parliament but was subsequently withdrawn following criticisms from the relevant parliamentary committee, including for the lack of privacy protections

4. The transfer of photos was authorised at a State level by regulation, not legislation and the regulation was assessed in private by the six-person Subordinate Legislation Committee without public consultation.

Your Petitioners request that the Legislative Council calls on the Minister to:

1. retrieve all Tasmanian drivers licence photos and any associated data that have been transferred to the NDLFRS

2. only consider future transfer to the NDLFRS once:

(a) Commonwealth legislation is in place to regulate the NDLFRS; and

(b) Following the assessment and consideration of the protections contained within the Commonwealth legislation, the transfer is authorised under an act of the Tasmanian State Parliament.

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