The Honourable Mark Shelton MP

House of Assembly

Liberal Member for Lyons

Speaker of the House of Assembly

About Mark

Mark and his wife Merrilyn live in the small township of Bracknell and they have three adult children and seven grandchildren. Mark has a very strong background in primary industries, operating a 200 acre property at Bracknell with his brother.

Marks maintains a strong desire and passion to work hard for regional Tasmania and the continued development of our small businesses, agriculture and forestry sectors. He knows the importance of a secure job and a community that supports its own.



22 June 2021

41st Speaker of the House of Assembly

I am proud to have been sworn in as the 41st Speaker of the House of Assembly at Government House today and Iā€™m humbled and honoured to have the support of my colleagues.

The role of Speaker is returning to its natural home in Lyons and I return to the role with the intention of being a traditional Speaker ensuring that members uphold the dignity of the House.

In particular, I intend to focus and enforce standing order 144 so that members do not impugn the character of other members.

As a proud representative for the people of Lyons, I will continue to work hard for my electorate and look forward to continuing to support the good work of charities such as St Giles and many others. I also look forward to working with community groups to ensure that the outstanding work of their volunteers are recognised.

I wish all members success in their roles representing the Tasmanian community during the 50th Parliament.