Honourable Leonie Hiscutt MLC

Legislative Council

Liberal Member for Montgomery


About Leonie

Leonie has lived in Tasmania all her life and grew up as a country girl on the North-West Coast, with the usual mainland jaunt thrown in during her early-twenties. Leonie married at the age of 25 to Ben Hiscutt and together they had three sons. She has continued to live and work on the family farm at Howth, which is half way between Burnie and Penguin.

Over the years, Leonie has enjoyed being part of the Australian Army Reserves, completed a mature age apprenticeship in agricultural cropping and spent time at the stock yards as a livestock buyer.

She is a member of Australian Women in Agriculture, has served on the Tasmanian Poppy Growers Association Board, has previously served as President of the Central Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is involved in small business and tourism.

Leonie finds the most rewarding part of being a politician is being able to assist, in some way, those who walk through her door. She also has the pleasure of supporting has the pleasure of supporting many local community and sporting groups.

If you need assistance – either personally, or for your Community Group or Sporting Club - then Leonie would love to hear from you!



Inaugural Speech
29 May 2013

Speech delivered in the Legislative Council on the 29 May 2013