Honourable Mike Gaffney MLC

Legislative Council

Member for Mersey


About Mike

Hon. Mike Gaffney MLC

Hon. Mike Gaffney MLC

Michael enjoys travel, antiques, theatre, reading and community events. Mike and Mel also own two West Highland White Terriers - Dimple and Lochie.

Mike has been a successful athlete and has represented Tasmania in baseball, touch football, basketball, volleyball, athletics and football. He has won 12 professional gifts (including 2 Latrobe gifts) and played senior TFL football with Hobart and New Norfolk.

Mike was the playing coach of Latrobe in the Northern Tasmania Football League 1989 / 90 and played over 300 games of North West Senior basketball.

Mike maintains his interest in sporting activities and still competes on the national masters stage in touch football, athletics and AFL Football. 2015 – All Australian Over 55s AFL Football.


Born in Devonport Tasmania on 30 November 1959

Mike and Mel married on the 2nd February 1991, and live in Latrobe at Urquhart Keep (Bank of Australasia, 1876).


Michael's professional career primarily involves young people and he has been with the Education Department since 1979. Originally a Health and Physical Education teacher and then as an AST3 (Senior Teacher), Mike became heavily involved with behaviour management in schools both with the Barrington District Support Team and as a Senior Education Officer with the State-wide Behaviour Management Team.

Mike has taught at the following schools: Murray High School, Bridgewater High School, Latrobe High School AST 3, Beverley Boys School London (Commonwealth Teachers Exchange), Devonport High School (Assistant Principal), Reece High School AST 3, Barrington District Support Service, Statewide Behaviour Support Team (SEO).

Mike and Mel Gaffney


Bachelor of Education (Tasmanian University)

Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies - Emotional Disturbances and Behavioural Disorders (Newcastle University)

Diploma of Teaching, Certificate 1V in Assessors Training (Recognition Services)

Certificate 1V in Assessors Training (Recognition Services)


First Elected 4 May 2013

Re-Elected 2 May 2015

Civic and Community

Mike has been involved in Local Government since nominating for Latrobe Council in 1994. After serving as a Councillor for 4 years and Deputy Mayor for 4 years, Mike was elected as Mayor in 2003. He was re-elected as Mayor in 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011.

He stepped down from the role in 2014, due to the Local Government (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 2013; Members were no longer able to hold ‘dual roles’ (in Local and State Government).

In June 2006 Mike was elected as President of LGAT (Local Government Association of Tasmania) for a two year term, and he was re-elected, unopposed in 2008. As President, Mike acted as Chairperson of the GMC (General Management Committee), Chief Spokesperson for LGAT on the PLGC (Premiers Local Government Council), and held a Director’s role on the board of ALGA (Australian Local Government Association.) Mike stepped down from the position in 2009, but maintains an active interest in LGAT.

He is involved with a number of State, Regional and Local Government Committees for example:

Mike also has responsibility to attend numerous launches, committees meetings, as part of working groups and communicating with residents, groups and businesses.