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Canyoning 'Professional Development Day

I recently had the opportunity to try canyoning, after successfully bidding on a donated 'adventure' from the award-winning business Crade Coast Canyons at the Dr Leon Wescombe Memorial fundraising dinner. My EA and I enjoyed a day of abseiling, swimming, rock-climbing and leaping from rocks and waterfalls. A challenging yet fun experience, which I would recommend to anyone - great for team bonding (work, community groups, sports teams etc)

Frack-Free Tasmania


White Ribbon Event at East Devonport Primary School – 24 Nov 2016

On Thursday the 24th of November, East Devonport Primary School was launched as a White Ribbon School Community with an event entitled Raising Respect. To recognise this occasion, students were invited to wear white to school and donate to our coin drive. Every student donated and signed our whole school pledge to raising respect in our school community. We made the word ‘respect’ out of the coins that were donated and raised a whopping $388.90, $150 of which was donated by Mr Mike Gaffney MLC.

After lunch we were honoured to be joined by Mr Gaffney at our Raising Respect assembly. Mr Gaffney generated some enthusiasm and some whole school involvement when he spoke about the importance of values like trust, honesty, communication and affirmation in creating and maintaining respectful relationships.

Professional Development - Sisters Beach