Honourable Jo Palmer MLC

Legislative Council

Liberal Member for Rosevears


About Jo

Hon. Jo Palmer MLC

Hon. Jo Palmer MLC

I am passionate about increasing community pride, local jobs and small business growth, and has great belief in the power of education. I believe a hand-up offers far greater long-term benefits than a hand-out and is committed to the importance of individual responsibility.


I have served Tasmania for 20 years as a trusted journalist and news reader.

Hon. Jo Palmer MLC and family


I live with my husband and four children in West Launceston, having grown up in Trevallyn since the age of six.



I have supported our community in Ambassador roles for sick or traumatised children, people with disabilities and medical research. I am also a Tasmanian of the Year recipient for her charity work.


With your support I will be your trusted voice for Rosevears in Parliament and within the State Government.