Last updated: 6 July 2020

Bills Currently before Parliament

  Bill last updated
Alcohol and Drug Dependency Repeal Bill 2019 40 of 2019View bill progress24/09/2019
Animal Welfare Amendment (Reformation) Bill 2018 38 of 2018View bill progress10/10/2018
Architects Amendment Bill 2020 6 of 2020View bill progress17/03/2020
Biosecurity (Consequential and Transitional Provisions) Bill 2020 20 of 2020View bill progress7/05/2020
Brickmakers Point Landslip Bill 2020 15 of 2020View bill progress30/04/2020
Cat Management Amendment Bill 2019 55 of 2019View bill progress13/11/2019
Criminal Code Amendment (Bullying) Bill 2019 5 of 2019View bill progress8/10/2019
Electoral (Digital Communications) Amendment Bill 2020 24 of 2020View bill progress25/06/2020
Financial Management (Further Consequential Amendments) 2020 16 of 2020View bill progress30/04/2020
House of Assembly Restoration Bill 2018 55 of 2018View bill progress4/12/2018
Justice Legislation (Mandatory Sentencing) Bill 2019 57 of 2019View bill progress28/11/2019
Justice Legislation Miscellaneous Amendments 39 of 2019View bill progress6/11/2019
Legal Profession Amendment Bill 2018 36 of 2018View bill progress16/11/2018
Marine-related Incidents (MARPOL Implementation) 37 of 2019View bill progress29/10/2019
Mines Work Health and Safety (Supplementary Requirements) Amendment Bill 2019 48 of 2019View bill progress29/10/2019
Misuse of Drugs Amendment (Drug Analysis) Bill 2018 62 of 2018View bill progress4/12/2018
Neighbourhood Disputes About Plants Amendment Bill 2019 35 of 2019View bill progress31/10/2019
Police Legislation Miscellaneous Amendments Bill 2019 44 of 2019View bill progress15/11/2019
Police Offences Amendment (Begging) Bill 2018 44 of 2018View bill progress4/12/2018
Police Offences Amendment (Repeal of Begging) Bill 2019 49 of 2019View bill progress24/03/2020
Property Agents and Land Transactions Amendment Bill 2019 53 of 2019View bill progress13/11/2019
Public Health Amendment (Prevention Of Sale Of Smoking Products To Under-Age Persons) Bill 2018 45 of 2018View bill progress18/07/2019
Rail Safety National Law (Tasmania) Amendment Bill 2020 7 of 2020View bill progress18/03/2020
Right to Information Amendment Bill 2019 8 of 2019View bill progress20/03/2019
Safe Climate Bill 2020 9 of 2020View bill progress17/03/2020
Sentencing Amendment (Assault of Certain Frontline Workers) Bill 2019 18 of 2019View bill progress1/08/2019
Sentencing Amendment (Assaults on Off-Duty Police) Bill 2018 6 of 2018View bill progress1/05/2019
Sentencing Amendment (Mandatory Sentencing for Serious Sexual Offences Against Children) Bill 2018 5 of 2018View bill progress1/05/2019
State Service Amendment (Validation) Bill 2019 52 of 2019View bill progress2/12/2019
Supply Chain (Modern Slavery) Bill 2020 18 of 2020View bill progress30/04/2020
Teachers Registration Amendment Bill 2019 50 of 2019View bill progress29/10/2019
Vehicle and Traffic Amendment (Road Vehicle Standards) Bill 2020 8 of 2020View bill progress17/03/2020
Workplace (Protection from Protesters) Bill 58 of 2019View bill progress28/11/2019
Workplaces (Protection from Protestors) Amendment Bill 2019 54 of 2019View bill progress6/03/2020

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