House of Assembly

Standing Committee on Community Development

Inquiry into the State Fire Commission


Mr Guy Barnett, MP - (Chair)
Ms Andrea Dawkins, MP
Mr Roger Jaensch, MP
Ms Joan Rylah, MP
Ms Rebecca White, MP

Ms Sarah Courtney, MP  – proxy for Ms Rylah on the Inquiry into the State Fire Commission

Mr David Llewellyn, MP  – proxy for Ms White on the Inquiry into the State Fire Commission

Dr Rosalie Woodruff, MP – proxy for Ms Dawkins on the Inquiry into the State Fire Commission



Mr Todd Buttsworth

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Inquiry into the State Fire Commission.

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Public Hearing 2 March 2016 Witness Schedule
24 October 2015


Submission 1 Tasmanian Fire Service
Submission 2 State Emergency Services
Submission 3 Hobart City Council
Submission 4 Local Government Association of Tasmania
Submission 5 Rod Sweetnam
Submission 6 Simon Warriner
Submission 7 United Firefighters Union of Australia Tasmania Branch

Appendix 1 COFFEE Report An analysis of the increased demands on the Tasmania State Fire Commission
Appendix 2 SFC Annual Report 201314
Appendix 3 NIEIR Final report
Appendix 5 UFUA Tas Branch Bushfire Inquiry submission
Appendix 6 AWU UFU Correspondence 19 Aug 2015
Appendix 6a AWU Response to URS Report 28 Sept 2012
Appendix 7 Fire protection arrangements in the state of Tasmania Cox report
Appendix 8 COFFEE Report A Fire Safe Community 20Jan2012
Appendix 9 Report 1 Retain TasFire Training 27Mar2012
Appendix 10 Report 2 Merger TFT L&D further
Appendix 11 UFUA Tasmania Budget submission
Appendix 12 DPIPWE 2014 15 State Budget
Appendix 13 SFC State Budget 2015 16
Appendix 14 2013 Tasmanian Bushfires Inquiry List of Recommendations
Appendix 15 DPEM 24 June 2015
Appendix 16 Correspondence to D Hine DPEM Corporate Services Review 5 June 2015
Appendix 17 Solicitor-General Annual Report 2014-15
Appendix 18 Fire Danger in Tasmania the next 100 years National Environmental Research Program
Appendix 19 Minister R Hidding 14 July 2015







Additional Information received from witnesses:

Correspondence Freeman, Gavin 05042016
United Firefighters Union Tasmania Branch - Slideshow


2 March 2016 - Hobart

Public Hearings:

Wednesday 2 March 2016.


Final Report of the Inquiry into the State Fire Commission