Workers' Compensation Schemes

Members of Committee:

Legislative Council Members

Mr R. Bailey

Mr R. Ginn

Mr P. Harriss

Mr J. Wilkinson

House of Assembly Members

The Attorney-General, Hon. R. Groom (Denison) (Chairman)

Mr P. Lennon

Mr M. Foley
Mr B. Goodluck 

Secretary: Wendy Peddle
Ph. (03) 6212 2311 Fax (03) 6231 1849 

Terms of Reference

That a Joint Select Committee be appointed, with power to send for persons and papers, with leave to sit during any adjournment of either House and with leave to adjourn from place to place, to enquire into and report upon:
(1) The effectiveness of Tasmania's current Workers' Compensation scheme in delivering fair and equitable compensation to employees at an affordable cost.
(2) A comparison of Tasmania's Workers' Compensation arrangements and their consistency or otherwise with the national model proposed by the Heads of Workers' Compensation Authorities in their report entitled " Promoting Excellence: National Consistency in Australian Workers' Compensation". 
(3)  The principles and provisions upon which a "best practice" Workers Compensation scheme should be based.
(4) Within the context of the principles outlined in 3 above, and without limiting the matters into which the Committee can inquire and report upon, consider the following issues in the design of the scheme: 
(a) the major cost drivers of the workers' compensation scheme, including, but not limited to: 
(i) benefits; 
(ii) premiums; 
(iii) service provider charges; and 
(iv) common law; 
(b) the most appropriate mechanism for providing workers' compensation insurance, including: 
(i) multiple or single insurer; 
(ii) Government or private sector underwriting; and 
(iii) a mixture of (I) and (ii); 
(c) whether allowing self-insurance enhances the viability and performance of the workers' compensation scheme in Tasmania; 
(d) the extent to which service providers and their charges should be regulated; 
(e) the means by which disputes can most effectively be resolved; and 
(f) the most suitable arrangements for administration of the scheme.
(5)  The framework for new legislation.
(6) And any other matters incidental thereto.
And that the Joint Select Committee be authorised to establish a Working Group to advise and assist the Committee in its enquiry and deliberations and that the Working Group include, but not be limited to the following:
(a) the Chief Executive of the Workplace Standards Authority (or his delegate) as convenor;
(b) the Chief Executive of the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
(c) the Secretary of the Tasmanian Trades and Labor Council; and
(d) an officer from the Workplace Standards Authority as secretary.

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