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Tasmanian Legislation:
Administrative Arrangements Order 2019 (S.R. 2019, No. 6)

Office of the Parliamentary Counsel information on Administrative Arrangements organised by act.

It is a requirement that every piece of legislation is administered by a Cabinet Minister through a government agency, an authority, a board or another form of implementation body. The latest Cabinet information is also available.

The formal register - known as Administrative Arrangements - of which Minister is responsible for which act of a Parliament is set out in subordinate legislation. Subordinate legislation is also known as 'statutory rules' which provide the public service with the basis of how it is to operate.

The details of which Minister is responsible for the administration of which piece of legislation may be found in the current Administrative Arrangements Order (S.R. 6/2019).

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The office of the Parliamentary Counsel - the legal officers who prepare new legislation - has created some pages which provide further information on current legislation for Tasmania. Various lists of the latest Acts and repealed legislation can also be identified via the Parliamentary Counsel site. Lists are maintained under a 'Publications' heading.

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