Parliament of Tasmania - Bills 2013 Annual List

Last Update: 8 April 2021

Pollution of Waters by Oil and Noxious Substances Amendment Bill 2013 (68 of 2013)

Introduced by: Environment, Parks and Heritage

Text of Bill as introduced

Reprint of Bill

House of Assembly

House of Assembly - stage Date passed
First reading 15/10/2013
2nd Reading moved * 12/11/2013
2nd Reading committed 12/11/2013
Amended #  
Third reading 12/11/2013

Legislative Council

Legislative Council - stage Date passed
First reading 12/11/2013
2nd Reading moved * 21/11/2013
2nd Reading committed 21/11/2013
Committee 21/11/2013
Reported 21/11/2013
Amended #  
Third reading 21/11/2013

Royal Assent: 13/12/2013

Act: 67 of 2013


Date shown is when the Bill passes the particular stage.

* Date of the second reading speech.

# If yes then bill amended if blank then no amendments were accepted.

Details of amendments and other information relating to passage of bills in the House of Assembly can be found in the Votes and proceedings.