Tasmanian Parliamentary History FAQ

The information provided has been compiled as a result of frequently asked questions (FAQ) received in the Tasmanian Parliament.

Additional facts will be added to this page over time.


First Lieutenant Governor

John Bowen (1803-04)

First Governor after Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) became independent

George Arthur (1825)

First Governor after Responsible Government / Bicameral Parliament

Sir Henry Edward Fox-Young (1855-61)

First Governor after introduction of Hare-Clark Electoral System (1909)

Sir Harry Barron (1909-13)

First Tasmanian-born Governor

Sir Guy Green (1995-2003)

First Female Governor

Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner AM (2014-2021)

Last Overseas-born Governor

Sir Edric Bastyan (1968-73)

Premiers and Cabinet Ministers

First Premier

William Thomas Napier Champ (Nov 1856-Feb 1857)

First Tasmanian-born Premier

Sir Richard Dry (1866-69)

First Female Premier

Lara Giddings (2011 - ALP)

Youngest Premier

Doug Lowe (35) (1977-81)

Longest-Serving Premier

Sir Robert Cosgrove (1939-47; 1948-58 - total of 18 years)

Premiers to have Died in Office

Sir Richard Dry (1869), Albert Ogilvie (1939)

Longest-serving Minister

Eric Reece (28 years on front bench; never on back bench)


First Sitting of Bicameral Parliament

2 December 1856

First Aboriginal Member/s

Kathryn Hay (ALP) (HA) (2002-06)
Paul Harriss (Ind/LC and Liberal/HA) Part Aboriginal descent (1996-2016)

First President of Legislative Council

Hon. Thomas Horne (1856-59)

First Speaker of House of Assembly

Michael Fenton (1856-61)

Highest Vote in House of Assembly

Will Hodgman - 27,184 or 38.2% of vote in Franklin (2018)

Highest Vote as a Percentage of Electors in House of Assembly

Doug Lowe - 24,971 or 51.2% of vote in Franklin (1979)

First Opposition Leader to lose his Seat at Election

Bob Cheek (2002)

Longest-serving President of Legislative Council

Hon. Tetley Gant (19 years: 1907-1926)

Longest-serving Speaker of House of Assembly

Michael Polley (19 years: 1989-1992, 1998-2014)


Youngest Person Elected to House of Assembly

Matt Smith (Liberal) (elected 1998, aged 20 years 6 months)

Youngest Person Elected to Legislative Council

Hon. Allison Ritchie (ALP) (elected 2001, aged 26 years 10 months)

Oldest Person Elected

Hon. John Foster MLC (elected 1868, aged 76)

Youngest Cabinet Minister

Michael Polley (ALP) (27)


Longest-serving Member

Michael Polley (elected 1972 - 41 years)

Longest-serving Current Member of House of Assembly

Jeremy Rockliff MP (first elected 20 July 2002)

Longest-serving Current Member of Legislative Council

Hon. Tania Rattray MLC (first elected 1 May 2004)

Longest-serving Opposition Leader

Angus Bethune (9 years 2 months)

Shortest-serving Members of House of Assembly

John Harold Brown (July-August 1948 - total of 11 sitting days)
Robert Lacey was elected by recount in 1959, but Parliament was prorogued before he could take his seat and he was defeated at the election, so he never took his seat in the House.

Shortest-serving Member of Legislative Council

Margaret McIntyre (May-Sept 1948 - total of 9 sitting days) Mrs McIntyre was killed in a plane crash in September 1948.


First Woman Candidates

Legislative Council 1943 Edith Waterworth
House of Assembly 1922 Alicia O'Shea-Peterson
Edith Waterworth
Annette Youl

Women First allowed to Vote

House of Assembly - 30 July 1904
Legislative Council - 3 May 1904

Women could First Stand for Election

House of Assembly and Legislative Council - 10 June 1922

First Women Elected to House of Assembly

Mabel Miller (1955 - Liberal)
Amelia Best (1955 - Liberal)

First Woman Elected to Legislative Council

Margaret McIntyre (1948)

Longest-serving Woman

Phyllis Benjamin MLC - 24 years

First Woman Cabinet Minister

Gillian James (1980-82 - ALP)

First Woman Party Leader

Christine Milne (1993-98 - Tasmanian Greens)

First Woman Deputy Premier

Sue Napier (1996-98 - Liberal)

First Woman Premier

Lara Giddings (2011-14 - ALP)

First Woman Speaker of the House of Assembly

Elise Archer (2014 - Liberal)


Highest Personal Vote in House of Assembly Election

Name Party and SeatYear First Preference Votes Percentage of Valid Vote
HODGMAN, Will Liberal
2018 27,184 38.2%
1979 24,971 51.2%
HODGMAN, Will Liberal
2014 23,589 35.2%
GRAY , Robin Liberal
1986 21,615 42.2%
2002 21,391 35.3%

Highest Personal Vote in House of Assembly Election by Electorate

ElectorateMemberYearVote % Total Vote
BASS MADILL , Frank 1992 17,154 30.9%
BRADDON REECE , Eric 1972 14,790 35.4%
DENISON BACON , Jim 2002 21,391 35.3%
FRANKLIN HODGMAN , Will 2018 27,184 38.2%
LYONS GRAY , Robin 1986 21,615 42.2%

First House of Assembly Election under Hare-Clark Electoral System

30 April 1909

First House of Assembly Election to Return a Majority of Women

3 March 2018