Historical Committees 1997 - 2013

Historical Content
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Rural Road Speed Limits
Legislative Council Estimates Committees


House of Assembly - Child Protection
House of Assembly - Estimates Committees
House of Assembly - Government Business ScrutinyLegislative Council - Estimates Committees
Legislative Council - Government Businesses Scrutiny
Legislative Council - Tasmanian Forestry Agreement Bill 2012


Government Businesses Scrutiny Committees - LC
Government Business Scrutiny Committees - HA

House of Assembly - Estimates Committees

Legislative Council - Estimates Committees
Legislative Council - Public Sector Executive   Appointments


Tourism in Tasmania
Island Transport Services

Estimates Committees

Government Businesses Scrutiny Committees - LC
Community Development

Environment, Resources and Development
House of Assembly Estimates
House of Assembly GBE
Legislative Council - Road Safety


Accreditation of Building   Practitioners and Administration of the Building Act 2000
Estimates Committees
House of Assembly Estimates
Government Businesses Scrutiny Committees
Management of Tamar and Esk Rivers
Mental Health Legislative   Measures
Mining Industry Regulation
Public Hospital   System
Select Committee on Ethical Conduct
Working Arrangements of the Parliament


Select Committee on Work Choices   Legislation
Select Committee   - Housing Affordability in Tasmania
Select Committee - Organ Donation
Select   Committee – Surrogacy
Select Committee on Gene Technology in   Primary Industries
Legislative Council - Estimates
Legislative Council -   Government Business Enterprise


Select   Committee - Planning Schemes
Select Committee -   Ashley, Youth Justice and Detention.
Standing Committee on Environment,   Resources and Development
Legislative   Council - Estimates
Legislative Council -   Government Business Enterprise


Legislative Council - Government Business   Enterprise


Public Accounts - Community Support Levy
Transcripts of Evidence - 17/02/05, 8/03/05, 9/03/05
16/03/05, 13/04/05, 17/06/05


Select   Committee on Clyde River Water

Public Accounts - Housing   Tasmania, Intelligent Island, Procurement of Copying Paper, the Retirement   Benefits Fund and Matters relevant to Reporting to Parliament   2004
Transcripts of Evidence - 20/05/03, 15/05/03, 23/10/02

Public Accounts - Hobart International Airport

Relationships Bill Amendments - Report
Terms of Reference
Amendments in Full
Transcripts of evidence- 24   February 2004

Public Accounts - Inquiry into Government Acquisition of   Fibre Optic Cable
- Report

Public Accounts - Purchase   of Fibre Optic Cable 2004
Transcripts of Evidence - 16/10/03, 16/07/04


Joint Select Committee on International Students

Ambulance Services in Tasmania
Transcript of Evidence -
- 4 December 2001
- 13 May 2003
- 24 June 2003

Public Accounts - Federal   Hotels Agreement 2003
Report on Federal Hotels   Agreement
Transcripts of Evidence - 16/07/03, 12/08/03

Public Accounts - Fuel   Distribution on King Island Report
Transcript of Evidence - 15/05/03


Select Committee on   Bass Strait Air Transport
Select   Committee on Impact of Gaming Machines

Public   Accounts - Flintsone Drive Subdivision and Related Matters

Public Accounts - Review of Issues Relating to School Bus Safety
Transcript of Evidence - 13/11/02


Legislative Council Select Committee on   Government Business Enterprises and Government Corporations

Joint House   Select Committee on Gene Technology

Legal Recognition of Significant Personal Relationships - Report

Public Accounts - Report on Inquiry into Certain Matters Related to the Skills   Development Fund, Intelligent Island Program
Transcript of Evidence - 19   March 2001 - Jones


Legislative   Council Select - Post School Options for Young Adults with Disabilities
Legislative Council Select - Aboriginal Lands.
Legislative Council Select - Industrial Relations.

Public   Accounts - Report on Southern Patient Transport Services
Transcript of   Evidence -
- 16 October   2000 - Reeves
- 22 November   2000 - Ferrall
- 27 November   2000 - Watson


Joint Select -   Adoption & Related Services 1950-1988
Legislative Council Select - Correctional and   Sentencing in Tasmania.
House of Assembly   Select - Sex Industry Reform

Public   Works - Don College Multi Purpose Facility
Public   Accounts - HEC - Special Dividend to be paid by HEC
Transcript   of Evidence


Joint Select   - Workers Compensation Schemes
House of   Assembly Select - Voluntary Euthanasia.
Legislative   Council Select - Registration of Overseas- trained medical practitioners

Public   Accounts - Interim Report on Disaggregation

Disaggregation of the Hydro-Electric Corporation and other related matterS


Joint Select -   Superannuation Schemes.
House of Assembly   Select - Grocery Markets and Prices