Joint Select Committee on Ethical Conduct

Joint Select Committee on Ethical Conduct


Legislative Council

Mr Hall
Mr Martin
Minister for Human Services
Mr Wilkinson      

House of Assembly

Minister for Primary Industries and Water
Mr Best
Mr McKim
Mr Rockliff      


Secretary: Mr Shane Donnelly      

Ph. (03) 6212 2220
Fax(03) 6212 2369

Hard copies of all submissions received and ordered by the Committee to be reported are available in the Parliamentary Library, Parliament House Hobart.

Electronic copies of some submissions received and ordered by the Committee to be reported may be accessed hereunder:-

#6A DPP#9A Commissioner of Police
#16A Save Ralphs Bay#19 Patterson
#20 Synge#22 Tasmanian Police Association
#23 Martin#23A Cassy O'Connor
#24 Edwards#24A Lindeberg
#25 Edwards#26 McLean
#25A Government#28 Bolan
#27 Godfrey#29 Layton-Bennett & Donnachy
#28A Lockhart#35 Mooney
#31 Thyne#56 Zon
#38 Rickards#62 McRae
#60 Mills#69 Hartmann
#68 Stone#72 Obendorf
#71 Drinkell#74 Cartledge
#73 Ikin#82 Smith
#75 Holliday#84 Stott
#83 Environment Tasmania Inc.#87 Still Wild Still Threatened
#85 New Town Community Assoc. Inc.#90 Meadley
#89 Socialist Alliance#94 Knevett
#93 Noble#96 Taylor
#95 Transparency International#98 Tasmanians for a Healthy Democracy
#97 The Environment Association Inc.#99 Wilderness Society

Final Report
Interim Report
Interim Report 2
Interim Report 3

Transcript of Evidence:-
10 September 2008  - Hobart - Nicklason, Russell
10 September 2008 - Hobart - Ellis
10 September 2008 - Hobart - Crawford
10 September 2008 - Hobart - Stokes
11 September 2008 - Hobart - Bingham, Malpas
11 September 2008 - Hobart - Herr
11 September 2008 - Hobart - Snell
11 September 2008 - Hobart - Boyce
11 September 2008 - Hobart - O'Connor
7 October 2008 - Hobart - Blake, Garcia, Scott, Wierenga, Hodgman, Barns
7 October2008 - Hobart - Macdonald
8 October 2008 - Hobart - LeFevre, Synge, Holloway, Knevett, Wright, Giddings, Griffiths
5 November 2008 - Devonport
6 November 2008 - Launceston
7 November 2008 - Launceston
24 November 2008 - Brisbane
25 November20 08 - Sydney
26 November 2008 - Sydney
16 March 2009 - Hobart
27 March 2009 - Hobart

Functions of the Committee

The Legislative Council and the House of Assembly have appointed a Joint Select Committee on the ethical conduct, standards and integrity of elected Parliamentary representatives and servants of the State with the following Terms of Reference:-

"To inquire into and report upon the issue of ethical conduct, standards and integrity of elected Parliamentary representatives and servants of the State in performing their duties with particular reference to-

( a ) a review of existing mechanisms currently available to support ethical and open Government in Tasmania and the capacity to conduct independent investigations;

( b ) an assessment of whether those mechanisms need to be augmented by the establishment of an Ethics Commission or by other means and if so by what means; and

( c ) any matters incidental hereto."

The Committee invites interested persons or organisations to make written submissions to the Committee, the closing date for which is Friday, 01 August 2008 .

Submissions become Committee documents. Persons making submissions must not release them without the approval of the Committee. Submissions are protected by parliamentary privilege but the unauthorised release of them is not. The Committee encourages the lodgement of submissions in electronic form. Emailed submissions must include name phone number and postal address.

Persons who wish to give confidential evidence to the Committee should contact the Secretary and request that the Committee hear their evidence in private.

Enquiries and submissions should be directed to:-

The Secretary,
Joint Select Committee on Ethical Conduct
Parliament House
Hobart TAS. 7000
Phone: (03) 6212 2220
Fax: (03) 6212 2369

The Committee has been ordered to report by Friday, 24 July 2009.

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