About Tabling of Papers

Requirements of House of Assembly

Annual Reports

2 hard copies required plus 18 additional copies. For the 18 additional copies, it is preferable that these be provided in electronic format on memory sticks (18 separate memory sticks each containing one electronic copy of the document).  Alternatively, 18 additional hard copies are to be provided.


8 hard copies required

Answers to Questions on Notice

8 hard copies required

Response to a Petition

5 hard copies required

Any other Tabling Papers

8 hard copies required

All Papers to be tabled MUST be contained within a blue tabling folder, with the following information on the front cover:

  • Session Date

  • Subject – state subject + Statutory Rules (if relevant)

  • Name of Minister tabling Paper

and must be delivered with accompanying letter addressed to Ms. Laura Ross, Clerk of the House, House of Assembly.

A template of the, Tabling of Papers Cover Sheet can be downloaded here.

BLUE FOLDERS – ordered from Summa Gard, 6210 9634, summa@theprintdivision.com.au