Legislative Council CrestLegislative Council

The officers and employees of the Legislative Council, under the direction of the Clerk, are charged with the responsibility of providing the Legislative Council, its Committees, the President and all Honourable Members with advisory, procedural, research and administrative support services to assist them in undertaking effectively their constitutional and parliamentary duties and responsibilities.

House of Assembly CrestHouse of Assembly

The staff of the House of Assembly provide the administrative machinery for the efficient conduct of the House of Assembly and its committees and certain joint committees and a range of services and facilities for Members in Parliament House.

Legislature-General CrestLegislature-General (Joint Service)

Legislature-General provides joint services to support Members and employees of the Parliament. These services include, finance and corporate services, building and maintenance, ICT, library and research, catering and dining and Hansard.

The Parliament of Tasmania is an Equal Opportunity Employer