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Activities and resources for students in Years 3 to 6.


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House of Assembly Diorama

Students make their own House of Assembly Chamber filled with Tasmanian devil puppets to understand the passage of a Bill through the House of Assembly.

Complete diorama kit  [3Mb]

Teacher notes

Student instructions


Devils and desks

Role stickers

Role-play script for students: The Tassie Devil Bill

Question Time

The following resources explain the purpose of Question Time and aim to focus students on the goals of Question Time. Printing the resources back to back on A3 paper creates an A4 sized booklet.

What is Question Time?  A resource for primary school students

What is Question Time?  An resource to extend student thinking

Fact Sheets

The Education Office fact sheets aim to explain the work of the House of Assembly using correct but age appropriate vocabulary.

The Speaker of the House

Activities to reinforce this learning are available on the Civics and Citizenship across the curriculum page.

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