Leaders of the Government - Legislative Council

Because of certain difficulties in identification, especially during the nineteenth century, it is not possible to fix the names of each and every Leader for the Government in the Council. What follows is thus incomplete in that it only dates from World War II.

McDONALD, James Gordon ALP 1940-46
WORSLEY, Rowland L. Huon ALP 1947-48
D'ALTON, Thomas G. Gordon ALP 1948-68
BENJAMIN, Phyllis J. Hobart ALP 1968-69
FOOT, Geoffrey J. Cornwall Ind. 1969-72
MILLER, Brian K. Newdegate ALP 1972-82
LOWRIE, Kenneth F. Buckingham Ind. 1982-86
FLETCHER, Anthony W. Russell Ind. 1986-89
BATT, Charles L. Derwent ALP 1989-92
McKAY, Peter C. Pembroke Lib.# 1992-96
FLETCHER, Anthony W. Murchison Ind. 1996-98
AIRD, Michael A. Derwent ALP 1998-06
PARKINSON, Doug Wellington ALP 2006-2012
FARRELL, Craig Maxwell Derwent ALP 2012 - 2014
GOODWIN, Dr Vanessa Pembroke Liberal 2014 -2017
HISCUTT, Leonie Montgomery Liberal 2017 -

# McKay, who served in the Council from 1976-99, was elected as an Independent, and only announced Liberal Party membership in March 1991. Information on the Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council