Honourable - Use of the title

State MPs - rules for use of Honourable:

  • Ministers
  • Leader of the Opposition
  • President of the Legislative Council
  • Speaker of the House of Assembly
  • Legislative Councillors

Others in State jurisdiction:

  • Judges of the Supreme Court of Tasmania

Retention of Honourable for Life:

  • Any former Minister
  • Speaker or President if they have held that office for three years continuously

List of Tasmanian MPs who have been granted title of Honourable for life.

Members of Federal Parliament:

In the Federal Parliament the title 'Honourable' applies to -

  • serving Cabinet ministers;
  • the President of the Senate;
  • the Speaker of the House.

It may be retained for life by -

  • all Federal ministers;
  • members who have served as Speaker of the House or President of the Senate for at least three years continuously;
  • Senators who have served at least ten years continuously.

Copy of Gazettal Notice on use of title Honourable.