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Regional Access

School Outreach Program

The School Outreach program aims to improve student awareness and understanding of the role of the Parliament of Tasmania, particularly for students with limited access to the education programs delivered at Parliament House

The program links Australian Curriculum outcomes with the work of the House of Assembly and the Parliament of Tasmania.  As the Australian Curriculum has a focus on democracy, formation of government and how laws are made, participating in this program will help students see these concepts in practice through ‘hands on’ activities.  The lesson begins with tuning-in activities (e.g. quiz, group discussions and opinion seeking), leading to the culminating activity of a role-play introducing the process of debating and passing Bills through the House of Assembly.

Schools will be contacted directly by the House of Assembly Education Office when a School Outreach visit is planned for their region.

Please note: This program is not open to schools in the greater Hobart area.

For more information contact the House of Assembly Education Office.