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Reginald Colin (Rex) Townley

 Reginald Colin (Rex) Townley

Surname: TOWNLEY

Given Names: Reginald Colin (Rex)

Title and Honours: Mr CMG 1 January 1968

Qualifications: MPS, PhC

Date and Place of Birth: 15 April 1904 - Hobart, Tasmania

Date of Death: 4 May 1982



House of Assembly: 23 November 1946

Electorate: Denison

Party: Independent 1946-50; Liberal 1950-65

Positions Held: Opposition Leader 1950-56

Date of Departure: 30 June 1965

Reason for Departure: Resigned.


House of Assembly Long Room Picture: 491

House of Assembly Long Room Picture Number indicates each Member's position in the photographic record.

Source: Parliament of Tasmania Members Biographical Database, Tasmanian Parliamentary Library.

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