Community Development Committee

Joint Standing Committee on Community Development


Legislative Council

Hon.  K. Finch
Hon.  R. Forrest
Hon.  M. Gaffney
Hon. T. Martin

House of Assembly

Mr B.R. Best
Mrs H. Butler
Mrs C. O'Connor
Mr B. Whiteley


Acting Secretary: Heather Thurstans

Ph. (03) 6212 2366
Fax (03) 6223 3803

Guide to Making a Submission
Guide for Witnesses
Order of Both Houses Establish the Committee

Inquiry into the Dying with Dignity Bill 2009

Inquiry into the Provision of Public Primary School Education for the Residents of Port Sorell.

Inquiry into the Principals and Objective of the Disabilities Services Act.

Submissions Received:-

Inquiry into the Provision of Assistive Technology and Equipment for People with Disabilities.

Inquiry Into The Firearms Act 1996  Part 3, Divisions 1 And 2, Minor's Permits And The Granting Of Permits To Acquire Firearms

Strategies for the Prevention of Suicide

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